Hi, Friend!


Today has been eventful. I mean, of course it’s eventful, I’m working with am organisation that sends explorers through a magic portal! This is the first time we’ve encountered anything other than just a garden world though, the first time we’ve lost contact with an away team, and… the first time we’ve called on the scholarship students. Oh, and we’re sending them through with very little idea of what they’re doing. At least we’re here to help them if they need us.

We had a bit of a whirlwind introduction to them all, and… they’re really not what I expected. Not sure what I expected, but they’re not it. The only ones who seem even remotely dependable are Mike and Haley, but even they were looking rather it of their depth.

Speaking of Haley, I’d expected her to file in with the others. Instead, she’d gone off to complain to the quartermaster about her gear, and so she came in a few moments after everyone else. It was really bizarre - they all thought I was Haley for some reason and were wondering why “Haley” wasn’t ready to go… then Haley walks in, all geared up, and everyone freaked out about us being the same person?! I guess we look a little similar, but apart from the crazy red hair that we both hate we’re completely different! I guess I must have one of those faces though: people seem to have the same reaction with me and Lauren too.