Worst. Rescue. EVER.


So. Things happened. Everything went to shit, the team got separated, stuff happened. Short version because I don’t have time to write a proper entry goes something like this:

On the positive side, we’re no longer in a cell, and we can get Dr. Huxley back to base to get the medical attention he needs. On the negative side… *shrugs* Not sure there’s actually any negatives. I get to be smug about being the only non-noob, at least for a bit 😛 Also, I have someone to come along when I go looking for Daniel and Michelle, which is helpful, even if this is a rather… unusual crew.

Hilde is… exuberant? a show-off? I dunno, whatever she is she’s probably not as competent as she likes to think, even if she is the child of two norse gods. Hayden seems a bit of an odd choice for a mission like this, seems to have absolutely no skills worth a damn although I understand he’s a hell of a talker when he’s not so freaked out. Solveig is… I dunno, a big scary girl who likes blowing shit up, and a pretty damned amazing pilot. Mike is an older guy who seems a little gruff but hasn’t really had a chance to show us what he does yet. Haley seems normal at first glance, but from what I’ve heard she’s an amazing medic - at least, Dr. Huxley seems convinced that she’s at least as good as he is. The strangest thing about Haley though is that everyone seems to think she’s my clone… I get this with Diane too. I guess I’ve just got one of those faces.

We left Mike behind to help clean up the village and then headed back to base to resupply, drop off Dr. Huxley, and organise some help for Mike. We all then headed for the abandoned city to find the others. Instead, we found a weird dead zone where nothing electronic seems to work. Including the hovercraft. Of course, we found this out while barrelling down a freeway at high speed… needless to say, we crashed. So I’ll say it anyway 😛 We lost Solveig off the front of the hovercraft and down into a massive breach in the freeway (she was trying to bring it to a halt by puncturing the cushion with Haley), and almost lost Hilde off the roof where she usually sits since apparently she’s a jeep or something…?

Of course, this is also about the time when we find the clockwork robots too. Solveig all but landed on one of them. Haley took a surprisingly accurate pot-shot at it with her pistol and took it down (while looking remarkably surprised at herself), while Hilde tried to recover Solveig from below. We noticed a bunch more bots coming towards us, so I went for one of the convenient big guns attached to the hovercraft and started spraying bullets into the crowd. Haley took a few more pot-shots and literally every single one wiped out a bot. The whole time, Hayden was standing there looking bewildered.

Hilde had barely managed to get Solveig back up onto the freeway when a clockwork sniper-bot pinned her to the side of the hovercraft with some kind of crossbow bolt. Haley and I saw the sniper and its friend, and bot raised our guns to deal with them. Haley hit one square in the face and then stared at the gun in her hand as usual, as if she had no idea what she was doing. I pointed my big gun at the other sniper, but for some reason the best I could manage was to just kinda knock him down and keep him busy with a shower of lead until a lucky shot took him out when he popped up to see if we were still there. It’s almost as if Haley’s stolen my gun skills or something? Hah.

So then this weird gorilla monster clockwork thing appeared out of nowhere, charging headlong towards Hilde. Hilde tried… something? which went completely wrong, and ended up with her being pinned by the monster and having lost all her weaponry. This is… mildly disastrous.