Stupid Things I Have Made - JFGI

So, I made a thing. It’s a really dumb thing. I like to call it “JFGI”, which is pronounced either as the series of letters or as the thing it stands for - “Just F&%king Google It”. Many thanks (and hugs!) to Ann who reminded me that this thing already existed in various forms (e.g. LMGTFY) and giving me the motivation to actually make my own when I found a domain to host it on.

It’s pretty simple: I have a domain - - which currently hosts a single page. This page does nothing more than redirect to Google, and pass along a search query. It’s still pretty dumb and lazy, all it does is take something like and convert everything after the question mark to an equivalent Google search.

Yes, it’s dumb. Yes, it does weird things if you don’t format the url correctly. Yes, it’s embarrassing that my name is nowhere to be seen in Google results anymore (seriously? Fuck you, Shadow of War, I was here first!)


It’s probably not useful. If it is, great! I had fun and that’s all that counts, right?