Lily and the Punch Gods

Playing Scion2e with another player whose character (Lily) can make things blink out of existence by attacking them leads to some interesting thought experiments. My noobish insistence that the rules don’t specify what constitutes a “valid target” and there is no reason why we can’t punch a wall is apparently something that many seasoned RPers are unlikely to consider. Once we established that this is in fact possible, a while new set of options have opened up.

What door?

My first glimpse of this ability came when Lily blinked a security guard out of existence for a few moments - barely long enough to escape his grip but ultimately not enough to escape altogether. She ended up in jail, pondering escape. I suggested punching the wall to make it blink out, and this was where the fun started…

Ann (our Storyteller) ruled that Lily can’t blink out part of a thing, so blinking a Lily-sized hole through the wall was out. The entire wall was also a fundamental part of the building, which meant the scale was way too high to even bother attempting. Blinking the door, on the other hand, was entirely feasible, and somehow Lily managed to escape through an entire police station because the dice were on her side for that scene.

Later, Lily blinked away a complicated RFID lock system because my character Leigh couldn’t be bothered hacking it. She has also been seen trying to blink a hole in the floor to do a mischief to an antagonist - this one totally didn’t work though!

I’m attacking the DARKNESS!

I may have had a discussion about this kind of thing with Ann last night. We started simple: what’s to stop someone from using this on themself? It could even be helpful - if someone’s about to hit you, you punch yourself in the face and blink out of existence so you’re no longer able to be a target. Then we got a little sillier. I suggested we could light up a room by punching the darkness. Ann countered by saying it’s impossible because Scale… then realised this meant that someone sufficiently legendary could in fact punch away the darkness. Of course, this mutated immediately in my mind to a Sun God who started the day by punching away the night. Now we couldn’t resist describing other gods in terms of what they punch. Because I’m terrible, this immediately became the Punchtheon.

Members of the Punchtheon

And the point of this was…?

There wasn’t a point. We’re just being silly. This is my blog, dammit!