Is this what making friends feels like?


I’m typing this one-handed on my phone because someone fell asleep on my other arm. I’m surprisingly ok with this.

It took me probably an hour to figure out how to word that simple text I sent to Morgan. Hey, can we catch up? If like to have a chat but it’s been a little… chaotic. Was kind of surprised to get a reply as quickly as I did; apparently they had been doing pretty much the same thing. We arranged for them to come over, and they showed up fairly quickly.

Turns out they’re just as good with people as I am. I ushered them in, and we sat in awkward silence for a few moments before Morgan broke the ice by offering me some of their jerky. Of course I turned it into an excuse to joke about the neck thing because I’m terrible like that. They’re more than a little freaked out about the whole going for the throat thing. I’m not overly worried about it, although it definitely was unexpected. I did my best to reassure them that I wasn’t going to hide just because of an unconventional diet… I think I did ok with that because we managed to talk about stuff a little more freely after that.

We went over our crazy day a little, both of us expressing surprise that we actually managed to pull it all off. We got onto deeper subjects though: Morgan and I rambled on at each other about our backgrounds, our perceived place in the world, our unconventional genders, and the general weirdness we’ve both discovered in the world. Somehow we ended up offering each other a sympathetic ear when needed, and in my case a place for them to crash whenever. Apparently feeling comfortable around someone will do this to you.

Morgan definitely seems to be comfortable around me. They leant their head on my shoulder in a half-hug kind of gesture and pretty soon they fell asleep. I’m pretty tired too… today has been nuts. I should probably disentangle myself from my new friend and take myself to bed too. Might just sit with them for a bit longer first though.