A day of surprises


Today has been all kinds of odd. Surprises seem to have been following me around all over the place, but then also the exact opposite of surprises too…

We met with Freddy again to wrap up the piano job and kick off the new one. A lot of stuff happened… some of the details are a bit fuzzy but this is what I can remember:

We did a bit of digging, and found some more surprises. The religion in question appears to be a cult of some ancient Mesopotamian god named Humbaba. The woman is 10 months pregnant, and the listed due date is 3 months away. The cult seems to be using a local Methodist church as a front for all kinds of stuff. There hasn’t been a lot of trading in Mesopotamian artefacts but there have been a hell of a lot being moved around here in Sydney.

We had enough information to start doing some actual work. I could see Morgan was ready to get going, and I was about to suggest something before Lily piped up to say she needed to go talk to someone about all this. Surprisingly Morgan didn’t object to the delay - they did look a little annoyed though. I wasn’t going to suggest we split up after last time Lily was left alone though, so we all made a detour.

We met Lily’s friend (Zak? Sak? Lily seemed to swap names at the drop off a hat) in a rather surprising restaurant. French food (mostly), Korean decor, and Japanese staff… although I have a sneaking suspicion that they were all Zak/Sak. Also, everything seemed to be consistently a few centimetres from where you expect it to be. I adjusted easily enough but everyone else just ended up looking like idiots every time they reached for something.

Sak/Zak was extremely cryptic with their responses to Lily’s questions, and I got a little bored and stopped paying attention - I may have been distracted by playing with the perception effects. I apparently missed something deep and meaningful and super useful, but something about this place seemed to make me lose my focus. Or maybe I’m just that distracted all the time. I just wanted to get out of this place and go do the next thing.